Changing the organization your device is joined to

In the event you find you've joined your device to the incorrect account, you need to remove it from it's current assignment and reset it back to the default state. Deleting and reinstalling the app won't work, as our server will still record it's account association. 

iPhone / iPad

  1. First, please close the app by double-tapping the home button and using the red X to close Forms. 
  2. Once closed, go to the device Settings screen and locate the entry for Forms.
  3. Toggle the option to "Leave organization"
  4. Open the Forms app. You should notice the app leaving it's current organization assignment.
  5. Now supply the new organizational code and your name to join. Your admin will need to approve you before you see the forms.
Android devices & tablets
  1. Launch the Forms app if not running already.
  2. Use the Android menu key to bring up the device menu (you should see 3 buttons - Server Sync, Settings and Leave Org)
  3. Tap "Leave Org"
  4. A dialog will confirm that you want to leave the organization. Tap "Leave".
  5. Your device will be reset to the screen that first appeared when you downloaded the app, allowing you to join an existing account or create a new one.

Android Menu Option

We'll be adding screenshots and instructions for other platforms soon. 
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