Deleting a saved or "stuck" form from your iPhone or iPad

If for some reason you have a completed form trying to upload, but always failing, you can manually delete it from your device. Please consult see the screenshots  below.

Deleting a Saved Form

After deletion, the form will be moved to the Saved folder, where you can re-edit if necessary, or simply delete. Again, swipe your finger across the form to initiate the delete:



After this deletion, the form has been completely removed from the device.

Deleting a form from queued submissions

First, wait until the form isn't in the middle of submission. Then, swipe your finger across until the red delete button appears: 

Note: equivalent steps and functionality is available on our Android and BlackBerry apps. For Android, tap and hold to bring up form options. On BlackBerry, use the BB menu key.

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    Dave Holmes

    I didn't know there was a "Saved" folder. Good to know!

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    Safe Spray Pty Ltd

    The tap and hold does not work on my android I have a form that is stuck with the error (form cannot be read) any idea how to remove this from my device?

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    Safe and Spray - you cannot remove a blank form template that way - this technique is only for saved, queued and unsubmitted forms.

    To remove/fix a form with an error you need to login and fix on Can we assist?

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    Advanced Inspection Services

    I have constant battles with this on my android, I have no idea what the difference between this form and the rest that I have submitted are. But there is a lot of information here and it wont push the form to my destinations. HELP. It just continuously fails to upload. Even after removing it from my que folder and retrying, renaming the form , etc.

  • Avatar

    Hey Advanced Inspection Services,

    To help you address this you would need to open a support ticket with us so we can investigate what's going on with that specific device.

  • Avatar

    How old are these screenshots. I am having the same problem on my IOS device and its very annoying. I cant seem to find the Upload Queue. Raise a ticket with Device Magic.

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