Billing FAQ

How can I pay for Mobile Forms?

Mobile Forms is billed by credit card. In some cases larger customers pay us via a purchase order (minimum 3-month).


What types of plans are available?

  • Standard: $15/device/month
  • Advanced: $20/device/month
  • Enterprise: please contact

For more information on each plan, please visit


What is the minimum contract term?

Plans with Device Magic are month-to-month. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.


How much will I be billed?

Mobile Forms is billed per-device, per month. So on Mobile Forms Standard, 5 devices connected to your account would cost $75 / month.


What happens if I add a device after converting to a paid subscription?

We'll pro-rata the cost of the new device. For example, if you previously had 5 devices and had paid $75 but then added a 6th device midway through the cycle, we'd immediately charge your card 50% x $15 = $7.50 The next month, you would be billed $90.


Can I just remove my devices so I will no longer be charged?

No, you must close your account or inform us that you would like to be switched to a free account.  To close your account please refer to

To be switched to a free account please email


Custom Billing

For customers with a lot of devices but a small-medium amount of submissions, per-submission billing is available.  Please contact for more information.  


Do you have any discounts?

Accounts starting with over fifty devices qualify for a volume discount.  

Accounts paid annually up front get a 10% discount.

Please contact for more information.    


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