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The Image Field is used for uploading images (it accepts JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF image files).

Field Properties:


Name the field.

Extra Large:

Allows for extra large image sizes.

Camera Only:

Limits the uploading options to images taken with the camera while the form is being completed.

Advanced Settings:


This allows you to give a hint to help people answer a specific question. This will be displayed below the field, on the device.

Initial Answer:

A default answer provided by you, placed in the question field. This text can be removed by the user.


How the field is identified in the form (the name of the field). You can also provide custom identifiers for long questions, to simplify template creation. Even though longer identifiers take up more space on the template, the data pertaining to that placeholder may not use all the given space and could possibly throw your template out of bounds.


  • Always (always shows in the form and returns answers in submissions)
  • Only When (only shows in the form and returns answers in submissions under certain conditions – decided upon by you when you click the “Set Rule” button that appears)



  • Never (one is never required to answer it in order to submit the form)

  • When It's active (one has to answer this question in order to submit the form)
  • When It's active and... (one only needs to answer the question under certain conditions – decided upon by you when you click the “Set Rule” button that appears)


  • Never (not a read-only question)
  • Always (always a read-only question)

  • Only When (only a read-only question under certain conditions – decided upon by you when you click the “Set Rule” button that appears)

Validate Value:

Allows you to set a rule so as to ensure the question is answered according to a particular condition.

You are also able to set an error message so as to indicate to the person how they went wrong with their answer and what they need to do in order to correct it.

Timestamp answer:

Records down the time the question was answered.

Geostamp answer:

Records down the location where the question was answered.

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  • Avatar
    David Lopez

    Dear Anthony,

    Can I directly add on the picture I take with my phone any sketches or comments?

    I know that this is possible by taking the picture (out of the "Device Magic" app.), then edit it separately, and then uplaod it into the "Device Magic" app.



  • Avatar

    Hey David,

    Yes, you can sketch by adding a "Sketch" question to your form. This will allow you to take a picture and sketch on top of the image. A workaround to add comments to your picture would be to create a free text field underneath the image or sketch question. You could name this "Image Comments" for example. Hope this helps! If you have any other questions feel free to add another comment or email us at

    • Anthony
  • Avatar
    David Lopez

    Got it, it is just that once that you are inside the Sketch window, you have to press the menu button on your phone in order to activate the camera.


  • Avatar

    How to Shrink the Google Map image in PDF destination to fit into width 400px and height 200px before adding it??? Secondly how can we change the data and time format to DD/MM/YYYY
    Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

  • Avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Is there a way for a form connected to a spreadsheet, to have its [Image Field] show better "Text" than the same "Link" entry? I think better "Text" could be shown automatically instead, like:
    "Click here"
    "See picture"
    "View image"

    Much better rather than entry cell like this:


  • Avatar

    is there a way to capture more then one image?

  • Avatar

    Hey Jevita,

    To capture more than one image, please place your image question within a repeat group.

    • Anthony
  • Avatar
    Briggs Amasco Ltd

    When you take a photo in portrait the picture is then squashed to landscape mode for the sketch function. Can this be fixed?

  • Avatar

    Hi, we are using a form that takes images from the submitter, and then later we download a CSV of the form submissions.  The CSV includes the full URL to the image, but it is only accessible if you are logged in on the browser.
    Is there any way via an API or otherwise to access these images to download them?

  • Avatar

    Sorry just to clarify, I mean to download them autonomously (in code), when processing a given CSV of submissions.

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