Web Client

The Web client

We have launched a beta version of our web client that is available to our users upon request.

Currently there is no pricing structure in place as our users are helping us test for bugs and improvements.

The web client is available on the 


  • Chrome
  • Opera Mini
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari

 If you are interested in participating in the testing of the Beta version, please send an email to support@devicemagic.com 

Remember to include your organization key as well as including your email address, as the service is activated per user.

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    John Trickett

    Any progress on this feature?

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    second that...

  • Avatar

    Third...Very Interested

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    HunEx SA

    Any news on this feature ?

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    Mobile Scanning Systems

    This will be a Great feature

  • Avatar

    This will really make a BIG difference in your service

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    Borgh BV

    Any news on the desktop software

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    Buisson Et Partenaires

    It will be very interesting ! Any news about it?

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    Hi everyone. Thank you for showing great interest in this feature. At the moment there isn't any further news regarding it, but we will keep you updated.

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    Field Service and GSP


    I'm a little bit disappointed about this topic. The announcement is dated since more than a year ago.
    I wonder why you guys have announced a new feature coming soon when it takes longer than a year.
    I like DeviceMagic but not having the option to access from an Internet Browser it makes it very limited.

    Thanks for your understanding.


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    It would be great if this was up. Please give Dusan a prod to get it done! :)


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    I have build a Dekstop Form collector using Google Forms while waiting for an integrated Device Magic solution.
    Using "Zapier" I am then combining the Devicemagic form submission with the submitted Google Form into one single Google database.
    The solution allows me to follow employees performed working hours/day and calculate the invoice for transportation purposes.
    It's a lot of tooling but it does work. People may contact me and I can provide more details and I am willing to develop if we have a case.

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    University of Michigan - Flint EBS

    Will desktops become a compatible platform anytime soon? This might be the deciding factor whether or not the university is interested in this software. 

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    Yes, this feature is coming soon.  Anyone interested in testing our web application for completing forms, please contact support@devicemagic.com.

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    Good news that this feature is on it's way Antony. Will it be stand alone or will you be able to start a form on the mobile device then edit it on the web app before submitting?

  • Avatar

    Not initially for either, in time we expect to expand the web app to support these though.

  • Avatar

    is the web version available?

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