Revert and Save Versions of Forms

Device Magic users can now revert their forms back to a previously saved version.  This is useful for anyone who doesn't want to manually add/remove any changes to their form to match a previous version.   In this article, we'll provide a walkthrough of this feature.  

First, open your form within the form builder.



In the example, I simply added an 'Image question' to the latest version of the form and saved.  In order to revert back to a previous version of the form, all you have to do is hover over the 'Tools' button in the top right corner and click 'Revert Version'.




The 'Revert Version' dropdown will appear where you can select the version of the form in which you'd like to revert back to.  I selected version '1.00' which doesn't include the 'Image Question'.  After selecting the version, click 'Revert Version'.  



The form will then change back to its previous state.  As you can see below, this version doesn't contain the 'Image Question' from the newer version.



Lastly, after making any additional changes (if any), click the 'Save and Exit' button.  

This concludes our overview of our revert tool.  If you have any questions or comments please contact us at or leave us a comment below. 


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    Hi there,

    Very useful feature.

    What happens to the forms that have been submitted in the previous version? For example: there are 10 submissions in version 1.0 already in the DB, then V1.01 goes live with new question "image question" and 10 submissions are made. Then we revert back to V.1.0.

    More tricky could be if we add question back, will the system try to merge the changes or in the DB new columns are added every time and are persistent throughout the versions?


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    Hey Vincent,

    The previously submitted data will remain within your Device Magic database unaffected.  When you add the new question to your mobile form and submit a new entry, a new column will be added to the Device Magic database.  If you revert back to version 1.0, the column will not be removed from the database.  The only way to remove unwanted columns in the Device Magic database is to remove the destination entirely and recreate it.  Please note that the previously submitted data will be removed from the database as well when you remove the destination.



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